The Beastly, But Beautiful Bougainvillea

Beastly BougainvilleaOh, I know.  Springtime visitors to Phoenix gush over the beautiful bougainvillea.  Having come from Minnesota myself, I completely understand.  Escaping a frighteningly cold and monotonous  landscape can be a bit like making a prison break.  Landing in a warm and sunny wonderland with bursts of spring color?  Oooh!…ahhh!

But now, having lived in Phoenix for going on 15 years and wrestling with the beastly bougainvillea, I can honestly tell our spring visitors…the bastards ain’t all that! 

Except for a few weeks of the year when they look like this, they have come out on top in many a pruning contest.  And I currently have 9 to contend with.  But I’m picking them off, one by one.  Even though they do great in Phoenix xeriscapes and ARE absolutely stunning this time of year!

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