Creating Visual Interest in Your Xeriscape

Cactus, Firesticks, & CitrusI kept driving past this stunning sight and, one day, I actually remembered to bring my camera so I could share it with you!

Check this out…it’s some kind of cactus (could be a Cereus hildmannianus, but I didn’t get close enough to verify) surrounded by Euphorbia tirucalli (Firesticks) with a citrus tree behind it.

I like how visually HOT this is.  The greyish-green cactus takes center stage with its very linear and structural form, while the more delicate Firesticks spotlight it with a blaze of fiery color.

The citrus tree has an important job, too…its green foliage serves as a backdrop, making the cactus a standout.

This is an excellent example of how to combine different colors, textures, and lines–the foundation of good design–when planning your xeriscape.


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