Using Color in Your Xeriscape

Using Color in Your XeriscapeWho can resist this? An inviting old Spanish-style carriage house gets noticed with a pop of color from some stunning roses! Now, imagine what this same photo would look like without the roses. Interesting, yes? But add a splash of color and you can’t help but be drawn to it. Which I was. So drawn that I had to go through that door to see what was on the other side! More on that later…

Think of that interesting spot in your yard…the one where adding a shocking color will give it a KA-POW! Don’t overdo it, though, or you’ll feel like you’re rolling around in a kaleidoscope.

By the way, this fascinating scene belongs to the La Posada in Winslow, AZ…a restored Fred Harvey hotel on old Route 66 with a fascinating history of its own. Completely designed by architect Mary Colter down to the Harvey Girls uniforms, the La Posada stands as a living example (and one of the few remaining) of the old Santa Fe railroad hotels of days past.  It’s worth a visit!

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