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Good Resource: Western Garden Book of Edibles

One of the best resources I’ve found for growing edibles here in Phoenix is the Western Garden Book of Edibles: The Complete A to Z Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruits.

While it’s not specific to Phoenix, it does offer suggestions as to the best varieties that will grow in our zone (this would be the Sunset Climate Zone, not the USDA Hardiness Zone).   Zone 13 includes Phoenix and surrounding areas and southwest down to Yuma and into northern Mexico.

The book is packed with beautiful photos of every plant, as well as information about how much sun and water each plant needs.  Plus, it has a “How to Grow It” section with more detailed planting information.  This is one of my go-to books when I’m planning and planting my veggie garden.  (I’ve got another gem that’s specific to growing fruits and veggies in Phoenix…more on that one later…)


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Raised Vegetable Gardening in the Monarch Garden Box

Monarch Garden BoxI have boatloads of space for vegetable gardening, and can easily expand if I need to.  But if you’ve got a small space, you can still plant vegetables and herbs in raised beds, boxes and containers–even in the desert!

A friend just pointed me to the Monarch Garden Box, a really great idea for a small space.  Made locally here in Arizona, these boxes stand around 3 feet high, making them easy to work in.  They’re generously sized at 4′ x 2′ with a 12″ depth and they’re made from pest- and rot-resistant redwood.  I believe they’re also on wheels so you can easily move them around.  (Or wheel it around the neighborhood to show off your prized veggies!)

Add some good quality soil and, with some good planning, you can get more than a few plants in these guys for a steady supply of fresh stuff!



Fried Zucchini Flowers

I planted my zucchini waaaayyy too late this year. As a result the flowers are the only things I am harvesting (or will harvest before the the plant goes up in was 115 today!) I did a search for recipes using these intriguing flowers and I discovered a GREAT video by Dennis Kercher of the Hidden Kitchen.

Dennis Kercher of the Hidden Kitchen

Follow this link to the video…and check out his other cooking videos, too! >>

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