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Warm Greetings from Xeriscape Today

Every year, the elves at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory & Botanical Garden magically transform the three-acre cactus garden into a holiday wonderland that showcases its Las Vegas roots.  No matter what you celebrate, it’s a vision!

Christmas at Ethel M's Chocolate Factory in Las Vegas

With that I wish most of you a very Merry Christmas, some of you a Happy Hannukah, the rest of you Happy Holidays…and to all of you, I wish you abundant gardens in 2012!

Ethel’s Chocolates & Botanical Garden in Las Vegas

Ferocactus cylindraceousWhile researching sights for a quick trip to Vegas, I came across Ethel’s Chocolates & Botanical Garden.  Sounds odd, I know, but Cactus + Chocolate = YUM!  So off to Vegas to find out what’s up.  Turns out they were decorating for Christmas.  Unfortunately, we missed the big lighting ceremony so we couldn’t see the result.  But we saw lots of cactus and ate lots of…um, very good chocolate.  (Must have:  Pecan Brittle!)

More cactus to come, but this Ferocactus cylindraceous (Red Barrel Cactus) was gloriously blooming just in time for the holidays.  Enjoy!