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Step 4: Get Good Seed, Plants, and Supplies

Hope you had a terrific Labor Day weekend!  Maybe you even have a chance to think about which varieties you want to grow in your Phoenix desert garden.  But where do you get good seed, plants, and supplies?  Well, check out the video for more!

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Gardening Tip: Resources for Finding Good Varieties

Several varieties of basilSo how do you find out which varieties of vegetables will be the most successful here in the Phoenix desert?  Take it from a reformed Minnesotan…don’t plant what you grew back home.  That fresh, juicy Midwest corn that bursts open when you eat it?  Not the same stuff here.  Here are some suggestions:

With a little bit of research, you’ll be good to grow!


Step 3: Grow Recommended Varieties

Now you’ve figured out the layout for your vegetable garden, but what will you plant?  Some vegetables do really well here, but you have to know when to plant them.  Today, some good gardening tips for growing varieties especially suited to our Phoenix desert. Watch the video for more…and be sure to check out the planting calendar!

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