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Desert Botanical Garden Gets $100k for Chihuly Art

Dale Chihuly sculptures at Desert Botanical Garden

We are pleased to spread the good news! The Desert Botanical Garden has received a generous donation from to help buy the the stunning artwork of renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly. It is prominantly displayed at the entrance of the garden (photo above).

Read more about it here >>

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Xeriscape Garden Art: Just Add Iron

Barrel Cactus as Garden ArtHere’s a cool idea for all you “pricklophobes” who hate handling and growing a barrel cactus but like the interesting form, texture, and blooms it can add to your xeriscape.  

I saw this clever barrel, made from rebar and fish hooks, at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum and fell in love with it!  Unfortunately, it didn’t make the trip home to MY garden.  Sigh…

I don’t know who the artist is, so I can’t give appropriate credit (I’ll find out).  But what a great way to add a no-maintenance, visually appealing, forever blooming barrel cactus to your landscape.

Garden Art Cart: New Design on an Old Red Wagon

Often, xeriscape gardening requires transplanting our heavy and prickly friends, and this little gem is just about the cutest plant transport we’ve ever seen.You can make your own, and we’ll show you how in an upcoming article on mosaics for the garden. Stay tuned!