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Design Ideas: Agaves All in a Row

Agaves in a RowHere’s another groovy design idea for your desert garden using a simple row of agaves.  I was majorly multi-tasking to get this shot:  drive, shoot, avoid human, slam on brakes.  (My husband just sighs…)

Anyway, I loved the landscape design because, at first glance, it’s just a row of agave.   Like…I think I’ll go the nursery today and get a dozen agaves to fill up this space.

But then…look closer and you get these frickin’ amazing contasts.  Victorian/Contemporary.  Red/Gray.  Straight/Ornate.

The very structural form of the agave plays off the ornateness of the house.  And there’s a little bit of grey in the agave which works with the gray porch to provide a contrast with the red brick.  It all adds up to…DRAMA!

And, of course, these xeriscape plants require no maintenance and probably get watered naturally (the house is in Silver City, NM which is high desert).  In Phoenix, these agave would benefit from filtered sun and a bit of supplemental water in the summer.

Garden Art Cart: New Design on an Old Red Wagon

Often, xeriscape gardening requires transplanting our heavy and prickly friends, and this little gem is just about the cutest plant transport we’ve ever seen.You can make your own, and we’ll show you how in an upcoming article on mosaics for the garden. Stay tuned!


Making Peace with Bougainvillea: A Centerpiece

Yes, they are messy. Yes, they are mean (with their thorns). But I get my revenge by making Bougainvillea work for me. That is, I clip bunches of flowers (being careful to avoid the inch-long thorns) and put them in a vase for display on my tables, inside and out. They are a quick flash of color for when unexpected guests come.