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Phoenix Gardening Tip: Creative Watering (Part 1)

Hose Timer in a Phoenix GardenHere in the Phoenix desert, we take our water conservation seriously.  Yes, we have excellent water management.  But we also boast some 400+ golf courses in Arizona, with Phoenix and Scottsdale weighing in heavily, and a “lake” that loses boatloads of water through evaporation.

So when I set my sprinkler to sprinkling, it freaks me out to forget about it.  Four hours later, there’s a river running down the street and as I curse the source of the tributary, I realize it’s me.  It’s hard to escape my wrath.

But more than wasted droplets streaming down the street, I see dollar signs…which the City of Phoenix is only too happy to reinforce when they send the water bill.

We will install a drip irrigation system someday.  In the meantime…hose timers!  These are so simple, they’re brilliant.

This really easy Orbit Garden Hose Timer serves a new desert garden with xeriscape plants that I just installed.   I took a soaker hose and weaved it in and around my new plants, and then tacked it down with fabric pins.  (These are normally used for tacking down landscape fabric).  I covered everything with mulch.  Then I attached one end of a hose to the soaker hose, and the other end to the hose timer (which is connected to the faucet).  I set the timer and…it waters automatically!

I have no idea how I missed this this innovation.  So, if you don’t have a drip irrigation system, this is the next big thing.  Even if you do have a drip system, this is an easy solution for that out-of-the-way garden…or even a veggie garden…that isn’t served by your drip system.

More to come on creative watering…there’s so much more out there that isn’t available at the big box stores!


Container Gardening Class for Phoenix Desert Gardeners

Phoenix Container GardeningWant to try out some new plants in your Phoenix desert garden…without having to dig a hole in the ground?  Or have a small space that needs a big impact?

Check out the Desert Garden Institute’s Container Gardening class!

  • Saturday, April 13, 2013
  • 10:00-11:30am
  • Botanica at The Farm at South Mountain
  • 6106 S 32nd Street
  • Phoenix, AZ 85042
  • Cost:  $30 (includes container, plant and soil)

This container gardening class, taught by Master Gardener Cherie Czaplicki and featuring veggies, xeriscape plants and colorful flowers, shows you how to optimize your space and maximize your style.  Then you’ll create your own container garden to take with you!  Register here…


Spiral Gardening for Small Phoenix Spaces

Spiral GardenFor most of us, Phoenix offers the wide open spaces the West is known for, so staking out a plot and gardening isn’t that big a deal.  But for those who live in condos, townhomes, or patio homes — where space can sometimes be a precious commodity — a spiral garden solves the problem of limited space.

Instead of building out, build up.  You can use pavers, block, old concrete or rocks and just spiral your way up to the top.  Then just add in your xeriscape plants (it would make an awesome herb garden!) and wait.  You can run a small irrigation system from your hose bib to the top, or it’s easy enough to water by hand.  Just don’t forget!

Besides it being an efficient use of small spaces, a spiral garden also allows you to tend your garden without having to do a lot of bending.  Plus, they’re great conversation starters!


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