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Exclusive Tour of Wallace Desert Gardens

Prickle this, cactus lovers!  Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Garden is offering an exclusive walking tour of the Wallace Desert Gardens–a private collection of natural desert plants from around the world.

The tour, taking place on November 5 from 9:30am to noon, starts in the original home of Henry B. Wallace and his wife and meanders throughout the several-acre Arizona property.  Highlights include a covered 6,000 square foot cactus pavilion uniquely designed for climate control, a boojum tree forest, and world-renowned collection of Ephedra, in addition to beautifully manicured desert garden spaces.

We went out there last spring and it was…um…spine-tastic!  The Wallaces collected these plants over the years so expect a little bit of history along the way.  And maybe it’ll inspire your own desert landscaping!

This is a private facility (Mrs. Wallace still lives on the property) and the DBG only does this tour a couple of times a year…and space is limited.  So don’t miss out!  Contact the Desert Botanical Garden to make your reservation!


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Check Out Fall 2010 Plant Sales in Phoenix!

Fall 2010 Plant SaleThe best time to plant in Phoenix?  Generally speaking, it’s October…a tough thing for this Minnesotan to come to grips with. But now October is like spring to me!

To help you succeed, there are some really great plant sales staffed by experts who can help you figure out how to plant whatever you buy!

Better yet, join the Desert Botanical Garden and the Boyce Thompson Arboretum and you can get into the plant sales the day before and buy plants at a discount…and you’ll support the great work that’s being done by these two organizations!


Desert Botanical Garden Gets $100k for Chihuly Art

Dale Chihuly sculptures at Desert Botanical Garden

We are pleased to spread the good news! The Desert Botanical Garden has received a generous donation from to help buy the the stunning artwork of renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly. It is prominantly displayed at the entrance of the garden (photo above).

Read more about it here >>

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