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Step 6: How Best to Plant Your Vegetables

Now comes the fun part!  The soil’s ready to go, so now you can begin planting vegetables in your Phoenix desert garden.  Check out this video gardening tip  to see the difference between seeds and transplants, and how best to plant each one for the greatest success.

Step 5: Prepare and Care for Your Soil

The soils in our Phoenix desert are home to some pretty cool xeriscape plants.  But when it comes to successfully growing vegtables, our soils need a little help.  In this video gardening tip, you’ll learn how to prepare, amend and fertilize your soil to improve its acidity and make it more welcoming for your vegetables.  (Here’s last week’s video in case you missed it:  Step 4: Obtain Good Seeds, Plants, Equipment and Supplies.)

Gardening Resources for Phoenix Desert Gardens

So where do you get all of these fabulous gardening stuff…the seeds, plants, tools and supplies you need for successful vegetable gardening here in the Phoenix desert?  Here’s a quick gardening tip with my past faves…but there’s plenty more to come!



Pick up transplants from your favorite local nursery…mine is Baker’s!  I try to stay away from the big box stores, unless it’s something I don’t mind losing.



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