Connecting Greater Phoenix gardeners with information that helps put xeriscape principles into action.


In addition to providing free xeriscape information here, we also offer the following fee-based services:

Landscape Consulting – If you live in Greater Phoenix and have an unruly landscape begging to be tamed, contact us.  We’ll walk your landscape with you and develop a clear, low-water, low-maintenance plan to make over a hard-to-grow spot, refresh a tired landscape, or design something brand new. With this do-it-yourself plan, you can cut out the costs of installation. Or hand it over to your landscape crew and have them install it at your direction.

Content Development – Do you need a compelling article on xeriscape or an attention-grabbing photo for publication? We’ll work with you to write or shoot engaging content that educates and interests your readers and meets your deadlines.

Workshops and Seminars – We can develop seminars and workshops to help educate Phoenicians on a variety of xeriscape topics. Tell us who your audience is and what you’re looking for and we’ll deliver a compelling program for you.

For more information about these or any other services, or to tell us what else you’d like to see on Xeriscape Today, contact us at

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