Connecting Greater Phoenix gardeners with information that helps put xeriscape principles into action.


Our Mission is to create a dynamic resource to support the community of gardeners who focus on or want to convert to xeriscape landscaping in the Southwestern United States.
We value:
• Creativity to bring forth new ideas and personal and professional growth
• Fun in everything we do
• Health and Beauty as attained by careful attention to our personal environments
• Community support through a free exchange of ideas
• Education that leads to better ways of living a stress free life
Janet Schwappach (bio):
Sarah Spencer
As a trained designer, Sarah naturally gravitated toward designing gardens upon moving to the Valley of the Sun in 1994. He experiments in her own garden have led to understanding microclimates in Phoenix (and microclimates within her own garden!) and she specializes in finding the right balance of trees and plants to create beautiful gardens.

Xeriscape Today connects Greater Phoenix gardeners with low-water plant and gardening information to help you incorporate xeriscape principles into your own yard.  From how-to articles and plant descriptions to expert blogs and design ideas, Xeriscape Today provides the one source for gardening in the Sonoran Desert.


Janet Moralez

I love dirt!  It all started when, as a kid, I would willingly and knowingly spend hours playing with our Minnesota dirt…sometimes it even ended up in my mouth.  As an adult, I decided I needed to own some dirt so I moved to Phoenix in 1996.  Lots of dirt here.

I’ve had, and continue to receive, some really good training both as a Maricopa Master Gardener and a Certified Desert Landscaper through the Desert Botanical Garden. I’m also certified in Smartscape, a  training program devoted to low-water-use practices in the landscape.

In real life, I’m a freelance writer, with some marketing and landscape consulting thrown in. I’m a member of the Garden Writers Association and the Association of Professional Landscape Designers.  At the end of the day, I like to use xeriscape principles to create beautiful, sustainable low-water gardens here in the always sunny, sometimes blazingly hot Phoenix desert.


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