10 Steps to Growing a Successful Vegetable Garden in Phoenix

I know, it’s hot…blazing hot!  And it seems like the worst time to garden here in the Phoenix desert.  Personally, I like to take the summer off.  Maybe this is an old habit from my days in Minnesota when I closed my blinds and hibernated for the winter.   Or at least tried to…work usually got in the way of my bear-like tendencies.

But now’s the time to start planning for your fall vegetable garden!  To help you get going, I’ll be running a weekly series of videos with gardening tips from the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension program based on their 10 Steps to a Successful Vegetable Garden publication. The videos are short, just a couple of minutes each, and will give you time to absorb and plot in between. By the time mid-October rolls around, you’ll be ready to plant!

So tune in on Tuesdays, starting today, for this 10-week series…and get your garden on!

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