Desert Gardening Tip: Till Your Way to Fall Planting

Earthwise Tiller/CultivatorEarlier this week, I was making plans to turn the soil so I can start planting my veggie garden for fall.  With temps still hovering around 100 degrees here in the Phoenix desert (and me like a candle in the heat), the idea of getting my shovel out and digging through almost 300 square feet of garden filled me with dread.

But then I stumbled upon a brilliantly simple idea:  get a rototiller!  At first, I considered renting one.  I figured they’d give me some gas-powered behemoth for around $100 that I’d end up kicking and swearing at…while waiting for my husband to come home.  He’d of course start the thing right up and push The Behemoth through the whole garden like a grocery cart.  (Pause…wonder why he finds it so difficult to push a grocery cart at the store…no motor???)

So I turned to my Gardening Tool Guru…Amazon…and found this cute little powerhouse.  The Earthwise Tiller/Cultivator has an 11″ wide cutting path, an 8.5 amp husband-loving motor, and electric power so I don’t have to watch my mouth out with soap every time I start it.  It came yesterday (overnight…thank you, Amazon!) and I put it together in about 15 minutes…cool!  It’s pretty sturdy and, at just under $100 and 217 mostly stellar reviews, it’s dang hard to beat!

It’s getting its trial gardening run today…hopefully I can start planting tomorrow!

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