How Does Your Cilantro Grow?

CilantroCilantro, a staple of southwest cooking, is a funny little herb.  It’s dainty and fluffy and, for that reason, often finds itself on the dead side of my garden.  Now, admittedly, I’ve had to warm myself up to cilantro as it has a funny little taste to me.  But, hey…we’re in the Phoenix desert and, like my jalapenos and serranos, it needs a place in my garden.  So I humor myself.

But I learned something really interesting about cilantro the other day that’s changing my perception completely.  It serves as not one, but two herbs…and it controls the bugs that want to eat the things that I actually do want to eat.

So here’s the deal:  if you let cilantro bolt, it’ll go to seed and you can harvest…wait for it…coriander seeds!  Now this is really cool, right?  I mean, I always knew that they came from the same plant but I never connected the dots!

Even better?  When it goes to seed, the ladybugs love it.  And ladybugs eat other bugs like aphids.  (They also apparently lay beautiful golden eggs, too!)

So when fall arrives, I’m putting cilantro back into my garden so it can do its important work.


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