Gardening Tip: Tracking Tool for Your Desert Garden

PlantJotter.comOK, so…I have a fascination with cool apps that can help me do something better.  (Heard about Key Ring?  You can get rid of all those wallet-hogging grocery store cards by scanning them into your phone.  Just pull up the “card” you need from the list and scan your phone at the register!)

Anyway, my Mom pointed me to, a site that helps you keep track of your plants.  You can add plants, put them in locations, set up maintenance schedules, keep track of resources (be sure to add,  and note what’s working and what’s not.

This is sweet!  Currently, my maintenance schedule is somewhere in my head and I swear one day that I’ll write it all down.  But this swearing most often occurs after I’ve forgotten to do something and the damage has been done.

So I’m taking for a test drive.  I’ve noticed a few things that I might call glitches.  There’s no place to add botanical names (too many plants with the same common name makes it way too confusing).  Native and desert-adapted xeriscape plants that do well in our Phoenix desert gardens are often missing…a common problem with gardening resources and the biggest reason why we created this site.  And there’s no way to set up recurring schedules for tasks, such as monthly fertilizing or watering.  Each task has to be scheduled separately.

But they’ll figure these things out one day.  Until then, I’m gonna figure out how to make this thing work for me so my desert plants aren’t at the mercy of my brain!

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