The Beet Grows On: Harvesting Beets

Colorful Beets from the GardenHey, check out the beets I just harvested from our garden!  I grew these from seed (I planted back in late October, when the nights turn cool here in the Phoenix desert) and am now pulling up these colorful beets.  See the deep purple and red and orange and pink colors?  I got the seeds from Seeds of Change, and I think they’re called “Colorful Beet Mix”…which seems pretty appropriate!

I’ve got a great salad recipe for these beets and beet greens that I’m gonna try.  Now, back out to the garden…I’m putting in a little corn, artichoke, grapes, more tomatoes, and something else I can’t remember.  Lucky for us here in Phoenix:  year-round gardening even in the desert!


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