Workwear for Phoenix Gardeners

Garden Utility Vest from Duluth Trading CompanyI’d always thought of Duluth Trading Company as my husband’s workwear store.  They’re known for their durable and tough workwear made from the same material that wraps around fire hoses.  And their “crouch without the ouch” ballroom jeans for men.  (It took me awhile to figure out why they call them “ballroom” jeans…they’re not for dancing!)

So imagine my surprise and delight when I received their “Garden Gear-Up” catalog in the mail the other day!   The cover sported a garden utility vest with enough pockets for loppers, scissors, blades, and our other desert garden tools…12 inall!  There’s a long-sleeved version, too, although I’m pretty sure that that would be overkill in our Phoenix desert landscapes.

There’s pants with knee pads built in and shorts and shirts and garden totes and and hats and gloves and shoes.  Oh my!  They even have a cool leather pruning sleeve so you can tackle the thorny, prickly stuff without looking like you got into it with a feral cat.

I haven’t purchased anything yet, but I”m definitely taking a closer look.  You can check out Duluth Trading Company’s garden gear, too.


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