Gardening Tip: How to Find a Smart Landscape Professional

Using a Leaf BlowerSorry so long between posts…I’ve been tied up in the garden.  Sigh…it makes me want to hire a landscape professional!

Knowing more about desert gardening means that I want to do more and more.  But if you’re strapped for time or less than knowledgeable about desert landscape maintenance, you might want to hire the appropriate professional.  Trouble is…where do you find them?

Well, Phoenix has a boatload of people who do what we call “blow ‘n go.”  These are the guys who sweep in with jet packs on their backs and tote chainsaws for a Texas-sized massacre of your plant life.  From what I can tell, they’re either paid by how much noise they make, how much dust they blow around, or how many shapes they can form from your shrubs.  Or all three.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they focused instead on testing and fixing your irrigation system?  Or on cleaning up your trees a bit, and doing some selective pruning on your xeriscape plants?   How about if they came in and did their work without disturbing the peace…or provoking an allergic reaction?

Lucky for us, these landscape professionals DO exist here in Phoenix.  Smartscape Certified Landscapers receive training in design, renovation and maintenance of desert-adapted xeriscape plants, drip irrigation design and installation, water management and irrigation controllers, and solutions to plant problems.

You can also contact the Desert Botanical Garden for a list of Certified Desert Landscape Professionals.  These Desert Landscape School graduates have completed a minimum of seven months of intensive training in landscaping with desert-adapted plants.

With a little digging, you’re sure to find someone who cares more about helping you manage your desert landscape than about operating a power tool!



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