Gardening Tip: Get the Right Hat

Sunday Afternoon Adventure HatI’d never been a hat wearer.  But it seems the older I get, the smarter I get.  And now I wear hats when I garden…a requirement for working  in our desert gardens in the blazing hot Phoenix sun.  I can already hear that thermometer begin its steady climb…sigh…

Anyway…hats.  This Adventure Hat from Sunday Afternoon Hats is one of my favorites, perfect for a long day in the garden.  Yes, it looks kinda dorky.  But my tender Minnesota skin sizzles and reddens with even the slightest sun exposure, and this one does a great job of keeping the sun off my face and neck.  If you don’t like the flappy thing hanging down, you can Velcro it up off your neck.

It comes in a bunch of colors, so you can be fashion forward while planting those xeriscape plants.  Which I must do pretty soon or those babies will wilt to death.  But first…finishing up the article on turf management for summer…coming soon!


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