Gardening Tip: Efficient Watering for Xeriscape Plants

Drip Irrigation Controller

Image Credit: AMWUA

Well, April 1 came and with it, a no-joke wind that could topple a small tree…especially a water-starved desert dweller!  We happened to be out at Boyce Thompson Arboretum (must go, must go!) enjoying the spring sights, but a couple of times that wind threatened to blow us off our feet!

The wind is right on time, actually.  April, May, and June are the hottest, driest, windiest months here in Greater Phoenix, making our plants the thirstiest.  They need more water!

For drip and sprinkler systems, this is the time to change the frequency of your watering.  (Remember, the AMOUNT you water should stay the same, but how FREQUENTLY you water should be adjusted seasonally.)

If you’re at all confused about watering xeriscape or other plants–as well as turf–in your desert garden, download the Landscape Watering by the Numbers booklet.  This is THE go-to resource for watering desert landscapes here in Phoenix.


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