The All-New Western Garden Book

Sunset Western Garden BookWOW, I just got the new Western Garden Book and it is gorgeous!  So much better than the last edition.  Biggest difference?  Photos galore!   The last edition used illustrations for all of the plants.  They’re good, but dang…nothin’ can beat a good shot of the plant you’re trying to find or identify.

Here’s the other thing:  the cover is boatloads better!  It’s not a paperback cover and it’s not a hard cover, but something in between…like reinforced something or other.  Anyway, it won’t fall apart.  Drop it from a tall building like they do with the Samsonite and it’ll stay intact.  I think.

So if you’re looking for a good general gardening book, check this one out. It’s not specific to Phoenix desert landscapes, and I don’t think they’ve heard of the word “xeriscape”…it’s published in California after all, and they get all kinds of rain. But it has all kinds of information to help you get started and it’s a great plant reference besides!


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