Gardening Tip: Mix It Up with Container Plants

Mix it up with container plantsContainer plants are great if you have a small space to work with.  They’re also great if you have a large desert landscape and you just want to create different looks.

I moved these guys from an east-facing patio location onto the sunny path going toward our pool.  We don’t use the pool in the winter, for obvious reasons, and the plants can take a full hit of our Phoenix sun.

The two end containers have Trailing Lantana, the center front is Blue Glow Agave, and the back center is Kale with some Rock Verbena.  When these babies are all blooming at the same time, they’re hard to miss!

I also like spray paint.  If I want to change up the color of a pot, I lightly sand it and spray it.  I have a HUGE formerly white pot on our south-facing front that I sprayed a metallic copper.  Then I  planted some Salvia in it.  When it gets to be scorching hot here in Phoenix, I’ll move it under the patio to protect it from the all day sun.

So containers are incredibly versatile.  You can fill up a small desert garden with them, move them around, paint them, and re-plant them.  And they’re a great way to start gardening…in small steps!


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