Watering a Veggie Garden: EASY

Drip Irrigation on a Veggie GardenSo, we were hand watering our veggie garden…but only when we remembered, found energy, got back, or simply lost the will to procrastinate any longer.

Actually, I probably had some fanciful notion that I’d build out the irrigation system for our veggies when I converted our turf to desert landscape and installed a drip system over our whole yard.  But I might as well have waited for Hansel and Gretel to drop by.

Anyway, with another blazing Phoenix summer heading our way, we picked up one of those drip irrigation kits and a timer and went to work.  Now, my husband had installed a system before and I’d had a brush with some PVC glue…ie, we’re novices.  But once we’d rounded up all the pieces, it took us about 2 hours to lay it all out and another hour to punch in the drip emitters.  Easy!

The key is to plan it out on paper and make a list of all the pieces you need (the kit doesn’t provide everything) before you start cutting anything.  We also got a timer/controller that hooks up to the hose bib.  That took about 5 minutes to install.

So all in all…4 hours start to finish (plus the trips to the hardware store) for the cost of a couple of good hoses and nozzles.  And watering the soil is much better for the plants, too…helps keep pests and molds away.



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