Field Trip: New Audubon Center in Phoenix

Rio Salado Audubon Center in PhoenixStarbursts.  I can’t sow ’em, seed ’em, grow ’em, or weed ’em.  But man, can I eat ’em!  So off topic…

Anyway, I joined a group of Master Gardeners on a field trip to the new Audubon Center down on the Salt River.  (We call it a river, but here…in the Phoenix desert…it’s a placeholder for water!)  This is a little-known 600-acre riparian area devoted to Sonoran Desert native species that was opened in 2009.

They have a lot of great programs for kids…especially if your city-dwellin’ kids never get to see past the miles of pavement  and throngs of humanity that make up our fine city.  Really, the desert’s a cool place to hang out and learn.  Maybe even dream a little.

There are lots of hiking trails and plenty to see–even the occasional jumbo jet lumbering overhead, which is only a minor nuisance.  Admission’s free, so take a chance and let me know what you think of the new Audubon Center!


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