Chipper/Shredder for Yard and Garden Waste


It slices!  It dices!  It makes Ron Popeil rub his hands together with glee!

I am not entirely certain how I lived without a chipper shredder next to my compost bin.  Worse, I’m not sure why I spent countless hours (and calluses) cutting my yard waste down to manageable pieces so that they would decompose faster.  WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING???

We bought an off-brand of this guy.  Same specs, same everything.  Just a different color (ours is blue, but I would have preferred the yellow).  I set it out next to the compost bin and, in mere seconds, it eats up my trimmings and spits them into the compost bin.  Now we’re working on mulch for our work area.

Some hints, though…it works much better on fresh wood than on dried wood.  We put a piece of dried mesquite through it…common in the Phoenix desert, mesquite is a pretty hard wood.  While it did the job, we stopped after one piece.  Smoke…smell…sigh…

I have no idea how long this chipper shredder will last, but it’s well worth what we’ve used it for!


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