Phoenix Edible Gardening Resource: Extreme Gardening

Extreme Gardening: How to Grow Organic in the Hostile DesertsSo I mentioned one of the resources that I use to grow edibles in a previous post.  But this book, Extreme Gardening: How to Grow Organic in the Hostile Deserts, is written specifically for those us of who want to grow delicious and healthy edibles in Phoenix desert.

It was written by a guy (The Garden Guy) who can often be seen on local TV.  Now, it is not the prettiest gardening book around, but it’s cram-packed with the most relevant content I’ve found ANYWHERE.  Instead of consulting a resource and then checking the climate zone to see if it works here (or trying to apply info about growing edibles elsewhere to the desert), ALL of the info it contains is relative to the less-than-glorious growing conditions found in Phoenix!  (Somewhere I hear angels singing…)

The first part talks about growing conditions:  sun, water, soils, fertilizers, companion plants, etc.  Then it goes into detail for each vegetable, nut, and fruit that can be successfully grown here, including how to pick, plant, water, fertilize, protect, and enjoy each one.  Finally, he deals with how to manage pests organically.

This is one of those books that will get a workout.  I’m secretly hoping that the next printing will include a spiral binding!


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