Good Resource: Western Garden Book of Edibles

One of the best resources I’ve found for growing edibles here in Phoenix is the Western Garden Book of Edibles: The Complete A to Z Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruits.

While it’s not specific to Phoenix, it does offer suggestions as to the best varieties that will grow in our zone (this would be the Sunset Climate Zone, not the USDA Hardiness Zone).   Zone 13 includes Phoenix and surrounding areas and southwest down to Yuma and into northern Mexico.

The book is packed with beautiful photos of every plant, as well as information about how much sun and water each plant needs.  Plus, it has a “How to Grow It” section with more detailed planting information.  This is one of my go-to books when I’m planning and planting my veggie garden.  (I’ve got another gem that’s specific to growing fruits and veggies in Phoenix…more on that one later…)


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