Design Idea: Succulents All in a Row

Mass plantings work really well for a big bed or a big space in our desert gardens.  They’re simple to design but, if done well, make a really bold statement.

Take this new bed at the Phoenix Art Museum.  It features alternating plantings of a columnar Euphorbia with the curvy wildness of Pedilanthus macrocarpus (Slipper Plant).  Add some cool mulch (they used a river rock, but recycled glass would work well, too) and you’ve got a stunning and contemporary garden.  Light it up at night and, well…breathtaking!

Make it even simpler by sticking to just one low-water xeriscape plant.  Columnar plants, especially cacti, not only create a look, they can act as a security barrier.  And a row of Slipper Plants provide structure, but their unpredictable growth patterns provide a sense of fun!


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