Best Xeriscape Trees Around Pools

Caesalpinia cacalaco (Cascalote)We have a Chinaberry tree hanging over our pool.  And some kind of pine with 12″ needles and rat-sized pine cones (I thought I’d left these behind in Minnesota!).   And a fig with leaves the size of a burly man’s hands.

What this means is that, for a scant two weeks of the year, I don’t have to fish anything out of the pool.  The rest of the time, I’m either skimming debris or repairing the pool vac.

I inherited these otherwise lovely nuisances from the previous owner.  They either didn’t know that half the tree would end up in the pool…or the pool came after the trees.  My mission, and I guess I’ve already accepted it, is to slowly rid these litter-throwers from my desert landscape and replace them with some xeriscape plants.  Here are just a couple of pool-friendly trees:

Keep your eye out for a list of pool-friendly shrubs for your xeriscape…there are lots to choose from!


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