Confessions from a Secret Garden: Jamie Durie

Well, I DID meet Jamie Durie from HGTV’s The Outdoor Room and PBS’s The Victory Garden at the Grand Opening of Summer Winds Nursery on Saturday.

I didn’t really look at his book, The Outdoor Roomthough.  I confess to buying it just so I could stand there and look at him up close while he signed it.  That alone was worth the price.

But then, I opened it when I got home and…IT’S GORGEOUS!  Beautiful photography combined with detailed site plans, zonal plant lists and helpful eco-tips inspire you to design something…anything!  But it does it in a very approachable way, starting with the basics of landscape design and adding practical, hands-on information to help you get there.

Even cooler?  He’s from Australia (yes, he has a giggle-worthy accent!) which has some of the same arid desert conditions that make gardening a challenge here in Phoenix.  So check out Jamie Durie’s excellent xeriscape ideas and plants that can help you dramatically re-shape your landscape.

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