Irresistible Desert Gardening for Chocolate Lovers

Do you dig chocolate?  Or at least the smell of it?  Time to create a Chocolate Garden in your Phoenix xeriscape!

I just picked up some natural cocoa shell mulch for my garden containers.  It’s really light and easy to work with, it’s environmentally friendly, and it has a nice, dark color similar to the color of dirt.  Did I mention that it smells like…chocolate?  Gulp.

This stuff comes in a 2 cubic foot bag, and it says it covers 22-24 square feet at 1″ thick.  Now, I’m not convinced that 1″ of the stuff will hold back the virulent Bermuda grass, so I’m gonna do a little experiment with it and see how it fares.  But it is supposed to be more fire-resistant than other organic mulches.

One more thing…there have been reports of dogs ingesting the cocoa shell mulch and getting sick.  If you have dogs, I’d do a little research before buying it.  Or block off the area where you’ll be using it to keep it away from the little doggies.

Finally, every desert garden needs a little Chocolate Flower.  This little beauty with the gorgeous yellow blooms also smells like chocolate.  Plant it close to an entryway or a patio, with a layer of cocoa shell mulch, so you can take full advantage of the fragrance…and maybe even curb  your chocolate cravings!


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