Easy Way to Water New Trees and Shrubs

Most of you probably already have drip irrigation systems in your xeriscape.  We have an antiquated sprinkler system (yes, the hand cranking kind!) in a yard from which we’ve killed our grass.  On purpose, of course.  And until we install our drip system, we hand water everything.

So I thought the Treegator was a really good way to help get new trees established…and to make sure that shrubs get the water they need.  Especially here in the desert.  It’s kinda like an inner tube.  You just place it around the trunk, fill it with water and let the water slowly drip into the soil.  It holds 15 gallons and takes about 5-8 hours to empty.

Instead of setting out a hose and forgetting about it (which pleases the City of Phoenix), I really can fill this guy up and…forget about it!  Except that it should be removed when it’s empty so the roots get the oxygen they need for healthy development.

Even after we’ve installed our drip system, I think I’ll still use the Treegator on new trees or on shrubs that might need a little supplemental watering now and then.


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