Arizona’s Noxious and Invasive Weeds

I’ve mentioned some of my most “special” weeds before…Purslane and Puncturevine.  While interesting to look at, these guys can quickly grow out of control and overtake a garden…which is the very definition of a weed.

The USDA also publishes a state-by-state list of noxious and invasive weeds.  The list for Arizona includes some 80 plants, including Purslane and Puncturevine, that have been identified as noxious and/or invasive.

While these weeds pose a problem in desert gardens, the bigger problem is what they do to crops or how they can carry fire in the open desert.  So we can do our part by pulling these guys out, roots and all, and bagging them for the trash.

A side note…most of the weeds on the list were introduced–sometimes by air, sometimes by car, and often by people.  So it’s a good idea to just leave the pretty plants where they grow naturally!


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