Use a Living Wall to Hide the Ugly Stuff

Living Wall with VincaOK, get this…we can build a research lab in space that houses dozens of people and parks space shuttles (maybe they even have a Sonic!), but we can’t figure out a way to hide the stuff that runs our homes?

We just replaced our electrical box, but it didn’t get smaller.  It got…BIGGER!  There’s the meter that collects money for electricity, a pool timer and light switch, receptacles, and…every time Cox comes out, they add more wires and cables to the spaghetti that’s already heaped there.  Worse, it’s all tacked on to the back of our house like a garish hood ornament…in clear view of our patio.  WHY???

So we built this little living wall to hide the ugly stuff…and to block out the noise from the air conditioner (which also got BIGGER when we replaced it).  We drove two lodge poles into the ground and wired this plastic trellis to the lodgepoles.  Then I planted some Vinca major that is climbing the “wall.”  All in  all, about a one-hour project.

Vinca can be a bit invasive, but this is a contained space so it’ll just grow up.  It also does really well in the shade (this is on the north-facing side) and can handle a bit of sun.  And it’ll produce these beautiful periwinkle flowers in the spring.

We just did this about six months ago, so I suspect this “wall” will be covered by next spring…no more ugly stuff!


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