Killing Bermuda Grass in Phoenix Landscapes

Bermuda Grass EradicatedI used to be a lush.  I am now a recovering lush.

Having emigrated from Minnesota some 15 years ago, I relished a beautifully green and grassy lawn.  I figured I would apply the same successful grass-growing principles used in Minnesota to Phoenix:  add water, throw in a little water, and water again. 

But Phoenix lacks what Minnesota naturally has:  lots of rain.  So with an antiquated sprinkler system that required hand cranking (and a good memory!),  multiple hoses and sprinklers as backups, a lot that drains run-off into the street, and rudimentary knowledge about when and how much to water…I eagerly accepted the green turf challenge.

Sadly, I lost.  Or, I came to the stunning reality that I live in the desert and the only beneficiary of my gluttonous watering program was the city water department.

So I invested in some glyphosate and eradicated our front lawn.  Glyphosate is about the only chemical I use in our landscape.  It’s systemic, which means it translocates throughout the plant, requiring Bermuda Grass to be actively growing for it to be effective.  It used to be patented under the Round-Up brand name, but there are now cheaper generic versions available.  Follow the label directions EXACTLY for best results (and to comply with the law).  Or check out the Desert Botanical Garden’s How to Kill Bermuda Grass Gardening Guide.

Now that our grass is gone, we can install a beautiful natural desert landscape that also drastically reduces our water bill.  I’ll keep you posted…

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