Efficient Watering for Phoenix Landscapes

Watering by the NumbersIf a plant is failing, more often than not, how it’s being watered is the reason why.

So…how much water DO plants need?  Well, the 1-2-3 rule is a good rule of thumb.  With the 1-2-3 rule, annuals and perennials are watered to a depth of 1 foot, shrubs are watered down to 2 feet and trees get watered to 3 feet.  (Bermudagrass should be watered to a depth of 6-10″.)

Find out if your plants are getting enough water by inserting a soil probe or a long screwdriver at the dripline of the plant and seeing how far down it goes before it stops.

Since some 70% of the water we use is used outside, it’s important to water more efficiently.  (While it’s less costly, flood irrigation is surprisingly inefficient.)  “Landscape Watering by the Numbers” is a free publication that helps Phoenix homeowners reduce the amount of water used outside the home by maximizing their watering sytems.  Download a PDF or contact your local water department for your free copy.


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