Best Time to Plant in Phoenix

Best Time to Plant in PhoenixSadly, this guy will not get the “I Survived…” t-shirt.

Yes, I ignored sage advice when, on an unusally cool Memorial Day weekend, I decided to get some last minute planting in…which proved to be deadly for this Rock Verbena.

So when’s the best time to plant in Phoenix?  Generally speaking, plant in October.  This is contrary to what most of us transplants (pun-alicious!) learned, I know, but planting in the fall gives plants plenty of time to get established before winter…and plenty of time to prepare for the summer heat.

If fall is impossible, planting in the spring is the second best option…again, generally speaking.  Shoot for mid-March, after the threat of frost has passed and before the heat kicks in. 

One more thing…plants that are native to the Sonoran Desert are less fussy since they already live here.  They can often be planted just about anytime.  But to up your chances of success, stick with fall or spring.

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