How to Make Gardening Easier with the Gorilla Cart

Gorilla Garden Cart 1200xI want to live in my wagon…and why wouldn’t I, with this really cool garden cart!  I put all of my garden tools into it, and pull it around my yard wherever I need it.  I know…big geek.  But it saves me many trips back and forth to get what I need.

But it also does other stuff, too, like turn into a flatbed or dump wagon.  It handles up to 1200 lbs., so I can easily move a load of dirt or rock with having to manhandle the wheelbarrow…I hate that thing!  The front wheels move independently (there’s some “man term” for this that I can’t think of right now) which makes it really easy to turn.  And there are hooks along the sides for rakes, brooms, shovels, etc.

I know Costco has a few of these in store (I don’t think they carry them online).  Amazon has a similar one available (Gorilla Cart with 1,000-Pound-Capacity Dumping Carts) online that you might want to check out, too.


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