(Almost) Free Compost Bin for Phoenix Residents

Almost Free Compost BinIf you’re at all inclined to start composting, here’s a quick way to start.  Just get a compost bin from the City of Phoenix transfer station (there’s one at I-17 & Dixileta and another at 27th Ave & Lower Buckeye), and have at it.

For $5 and a copy of your water bill, you can get a compost bin like this one.  It’s really an old trash barrel with the bottom cut off and holes put into the sides, but we’re using it while we build ourselves a fancier 3-bin version.  One warning, though:  these bins are huge and, because of that, I find it hard to turn the pile really well.  It ends up being a two-person job at our house.

I’m working on a more extensive article about composting, but if you want more info in the meantime, this excellent book was written by a Maricopa Master Gardener:  Composting For Dummies.


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