Contain Yourself: Potted Plants for the Desert

Using Container Plants to Add InterestIt’s still beastly hot here in Phoenix, but now’s the time to start thinking about creating (or refreshing) container plants for fall.

I like using containers because they’re flexible.  Change them out as the seasons change…or as your mood changes.  Try out new plants or groupings…or make a long-term commitment to a spectacular specimen.

Mix the colors and textures of your plants and containers to create the perfect arrangement for potted plants. 

I happen to love Talavera pots.  Because they’re already colorful, I tend to stick to simple plants:  red verbena, foxtail fern, mixed greens.  With one-color containers, you can be a bit more adventurous.  Create a mini herb garden that’s close to the door so you can easily snip as you cook, group multiple plants together, or show off a stunning cactus or agave. 

This mass of bright gold marigolds contrasts nicely with the true blue pot–and the subtle purple of the lavendar behind it–for eye-popping color that’s hard to miss. 

Hot Pots Container Gardening in the Arid Southwest

HOT TIP!  Check out Hot Pots: Container Gardening in the Arid Southwest to help you select materials, put a design together, and care for potted plants in your desert landscape!

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