Growing Up: How to Fertilize Potted Plants

Keep Potted Plants FertilizedUsing native plants in your Phoenix landscape means that you can almost always go without fertilizer.  If the plant already grows in our desert soil, there’s nothing to amend.

But potted plants are a different story.  Plants in containers don’t get the nutrients that are readily available in the soil, so you must fertilize.  How much and how often depends on the plant and the type of fertilizer you use.

I happen to like Miracle-Gro All Purpose Plant Food because it’s easy to use.  Just add a scoopful to your watering can, fill with water, and fertilize away.  This works for most plants.  But if you’re fertilizing cacti or agaves, use about 1/3 of a scoop…or look for specific cacti/agave fertilizers.

HOT TIP! Miracle-Gro has a really handy garden sprayer that attaches to your hose if you’ve got lots of potted plants to fertilize.

Water-soluble fertilizers don’t last as long as fertilizer crystals or pellets, so you should fertilize about once a month (or more during the growing season).

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!  Are you putting that plant in your mouth?  What I mean is…is it an herb, fruit, or vegetable?  If so, you’ll want to stay away from chemical fertilizers and stick to an organic one.  For safety’s sake…


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