Squash Blossoms for Dinner!

Squash Blossoms for Dinner!I know, I’ve had squash blossoms for dinner…it’s kinda trendy (at least for us amateur foodies, the chefs are probably on to a whole new thing). And I was just reading an article in my Sunset magazine about what to look for and how to buy them at the grocery store.

Lucky for me, my husband planted an “experimental” garden this year and it’s full of these lovely blossoms (and the squash to go with them).  I’m looking forward to fall when we can harvest the squash!  But in the meantime, we can add these mildly flavored squash blossoms to our salads…JOY!

Oh, sometimes I long for the days when I was way too cool for this stuff…but I can’t resist a little dirt!


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