Nursing African Violets: “Shower” Gardening

violet loves to be in the showerSince Phoenix is in the throes of heat I—along with just about every other person in the valley—are camping out inside. Now that’s no fun for the gardener! So what I have decided to do is nurse the few violets I have in here back to health. I received them as gifts, and as much as I love gifts and the people who give gifts, I am always a bit crestfallen because I know will witness the long, tortured, eventual death of this beautiful fuzzy plant.

First the blooms dry up and fall off. Then, the leaves start to wither. Nothing I can do—it seems—will help this plant in the arid climate that is Phoenix. And my “helping” only prolongs the suffering. This is, quite literally, the saddest plant in the sate of Arizona.

I decided, after actually thinking about it, that the violet needs humidity. Where’s humidity? In the shower of course! It is a happy accident that I had a Solatube installed in my shower because my violets not only get humidity they get light too. Check out this before and after. Now I am trying to figure out how to get him to bloom. If you have any tips, let me know!


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