Some Like It Hot: Growing Basil in the Desert

basilMy vegetable garden is all but done this time of year. About the only thing that survives, even thrives, is basil. As long as it has plenty of water, it’ll grow. In the summer it can live happily in standing water!

This set of plants has rendered me several bushels of leaves for pesto. It’s all in the freezer now waiting for the cooler days when basil isn’t so happy. I think I have three pounds in there!

You can plant basil just about any time of year and just about anywhere. It will grow fine in a pot of any size, but if you want to really get some results, a bed is the bast place for it to be.

Be sure to top it when it starts to shoot (bud and go to seed)~basil is monocarpic. That is, once basil blooms and goes to seed it will die. If you cut it midway down, it will continue to grow like crazy.


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