The Best Weeder Ever…Grampa’s!

Grampa's Weeder

Put Grampa's Weeder into the center of the weed, tip back and yank it out!

So I gave up our gas-powered weed eater when, in the hands of my husband, it became a weapon of mass destruction.  Our trees bear the scars of his enthusiastic zero tolerance weed policy.

He’s not evil.  He, like me, just didn’t know that that ankle-slicing plastic “string” can also injure our plants and invite disease.

So I was really excited when our neighbor lent us her Grandpa’s Weeder!  I just plant this thing around the root (it’s especially good for those deeply rooted devils), lean it back and yank it out.

It was so satisfying (OK, pulling weeds is like my therapy) that I promptly ordered one.  I don’t think there’s anything better.  Today, at least.

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