Impressions from Xeriscape 2010

Gourd Society - Xeriscape 2010Well, we hit Albuquerque last Saturday to check out the Xeriscape 2010 Expo at Expo New Mexico (their state fairgrounds).  They were having a nasty blast of cold weather, made worse by the fact that there wasn’t any heat in some of the buildings with the seminars.  I think our teeth were chattering. 

Aside from the blustery interior, it was a good show.  Interesting and relevant vendors mixed in with model trains and shoo-fly pie (pie-licious, by the way!).  There was even an entire building devoted to gourds (see photo)…and, yes, it was…wait for it…GOURDTASTIC!

We’ll introduce you to some of the people (and products) we met in coming posts, but here’s my overall takeaway from the day:  Albuquerque is way ahead of Phoenix in its commitment to using xeriscape to conserve water.   Aw, come on, Phoenix…let’s voluntarily conserve before it’s legislated for us.  We can always do better!

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