The Dreaded Witch’s Broom from Bad Pruning

Witch's Broom from Bad PruningOK, I call it bad pruning.  But really, it’s not bad pruning…it’s more like “uneducated” pruning.  Because now that I’ve been educated at the Desert Botanical Garden (thank you, Scott and Co.!), I do better!  That’s why I’m passing this along…to prevent the unnecessary slaughter of baby trees.  🙂

In my previous post about bad pruning, I showed an extreme example of a pruning mistake.  Hopefully, my neighbors won’t recognize themselves because they’re lovely people.  But if they do, they can at least tell their landscaping crew what NOT to do!

Here’s a great example of Witch’s Broom.  See where the good, strong branches  stop…and out sprout tiny little twigs?  That’s Witch’s Broom.

By the way, Witch’s Broom is also a plant disease, but with symptoms that look similar to mistletoe.  That’s not good either.

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