The Greenest, Low-Maintenance Grass for Phoenix

Synthetic Grass for Phoenix LawnsOne of the best ways to have green, green grass in Arizona?  Synthetic grass.  What used to be reserved exclusively for football stadiums can now be the green, no-maintenance grass you’ve always dreamed of in the desert.  We saw this stuff at the Xeriscape 2010 Expo, and it looks incredibly real…right down to the “dead” blades thrown in now and again for effect.

It’s soft, too, so the kids can play on it.  And there’s a canine version for the doggies.  It’s a bit expensive but with the money saved on watering, the payback is pretty good.  Plus you don’t have to mow it, rake it, seed it, weed it, fertilize it, over-seed it, or anything else that’s required just to grow grass in the Phoenix desert.  It also aligns with one of the xeriscape principles to use turf selectively.

ForeverLawn Arizona is the distributor for Phoenix and Tucson…check them out before summer to start saving water now!

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